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ABUS eBike Battery Lock Core

ABUS eBike Battery Lock Core
  • Model: Bosch Frame Type (DT2), Asymetric Key (T82 Type 3)
  • Model: Bosch Frame Type (DT2), Premium Key (Plus)
  • Model: Bosch Frame Type (DT2), Standard Key (T82)
  • Model: Bosch Powertube (IT2.1), Plus Cylinder
  • Model: Bosch Powertube (IT2.1), Standard Key (T82)
  • Model: Bosch Rack Type (RT2), Plus Cylinder
  • Model: Bosch Rack Type (RT2), Standard Key (T82)
  • Model: Bosch/Trek, Powertube, IT1 Plus Cylinder
  • Model: Shimano Frame Type (IT2), Premium Key (Plus)
$22.99 - $29.99
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Secure your Bosch eBike battery to your bike using a quality ABUS lock core.