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The Spokesman Service Department

Your bike's happy place.

We work on almost everything! We constantly research trends and attend clinics in order to stay up to date with the latest in bike tech and service.

Safety Check


Safety Check includes:

- Adjust Brakes
- Adjust Derailleur(s)
- Check Bolts/Fasteners
- Lubricate Chain
- Inflate Tires
- Align Stem and Saddle
- Test Ride for Safety
- Provide Recommendations

Essential Tune Up


Safety Check plus:

- True Wheels
- Lubricate Cable(s)
- Adjust Headset
- Adjust Bottom Bracket
- Adjust Hubs
- Light Cleaning
- Test Ride for Safety
- Provide Recommendations

Optimum Tune Up


Essential Tune Up plus:

- Drivetrain Solvent Clean
- Adjust/Bleed Brakes            
- Install Tubes and Tires
- Full Bike Wipe Down and Evaluation
- Test Ride for Safety
- Provide Recommendations

Custom Bike Build


- Consultation
- Compatibility
- Professional Assembly

Custom Wheel Build


- Calculate Spoke Length
- Lace and Tension
- Round and True

Standard Bike Build


- Out of the Box
- Used or New
- Not applicable to E-Bikes             

Box Bike for Shipping


- Break Bike Down
- Packing Material Incl.
- Professional Packing

Hydraulic Brake Bleed


- Remove/reinstall pads
- Mineral/DOT Fluid Incl.
- Price Per Brake

Drivetrain Cleaning


- "Spa Treatment"
- Environmentally Friendly
- Powerful Degreaser

Suspension Fork Overhaul


- Dust Seals & Oil
- Assess Damper
- Suspension Oil Incl.

Rear Shock Overhaul


- Seal Kit  
- Assessment
- Suspension Oil Incl.

Cush Core Installation


- Wheel/Tire Assessment
- Professional Installation
- Price Per Wheelset (2)

Tubeless Tire Installation


- Wheel/Tire Assessment
- Sealant Included
- Price Per Wheel

Standard Wheel True


- Remove Wheel/Tire
- Lubricate Spokes
- Dish, True, Tension

Standard Flat Fix


- Remove Wheel/Tire
- Puncture Assessment
- Tube Not Included

*Prices and Services subject to change. Please contact our service department for a comprehensive estimate.

Contact us with questions or to make an appointment. 

Happy Bike = Happy Rider

A few essentials at home will keep your bike happy and rolling smooth between your service visits.