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Roval Roval Control SL

Roval Roval Control SL
Matte Carbon/Gloss Black
Clamp Diameter:
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For XC racing, stiffness equals speed. That’s what drove our thinking when building the Roval Control SL handlebar. Borrowing inspiration from trail bike tech, we knew a 35mm bar clamp width would give us the rigidity our athletes demanded, and function as the backbone for our ultra-light, hand laid up carbon.

It’s light… Like, 185 grams light.

But, light-weight and stiffness aren’t the only pieces of the puzzle. Riders also need high-precision control while descending, and a comfortable, sustainable position on grueling climbs. The Roval Control SL’s 780mm width allows you to dial in your perfect size, and it’s World Championship proven geometry gives the confidence to attack any segment.

- Material: High modulus carbon fiber
- Width: 780mm, includes cut marks to customize width
- Rise: 0mm or 20mm
- Upsweep: 6 degrees
- Backsweep: 8 degrees
- Clamp Diameter: 35mm
- Weight: 185g