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TruVativ Descendant 35mm Riser Carbon Downhill Handlebar

TruVativ Descendant 35mm Riser Carbon Downhill Handlebar
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Arm fatigue is real. The solution? More muscle. Or, our new carbon laminate, made to tackle the trail buzz, not transfer it. We re-engineered our bars to improve rider position (adding 5mm rise) and reduce the chatter transferred to the hands and arms. These bars offer the right bit of flex while keeping things stiff, precise, and responsive.

- Super-wide to start and trimmable by 40mm (20mm each side)
- Specialty tuned carbon laminate to absorb noise while maintaining stiffness

- Clamp Diameter: 35.0mm
- Width: 800mm
- Material (HB): Carbon
- Rise (HB): 25mm
- Type (bar): Riser
- Backsweep (degrees): 9
- Upsweep (degree): 5